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Planning and building control
Local land charges



Please note details of our new fees


New fees as from TUESDAY 8 JULY


LLC1 only
LLC1 only additional Parcel
Con29R Part 1
Con29R Part 1 additional Parcel
Con29O Part 2 4 to 22
LLC1+CON29R additional Parcel
Additional Enquiry





£10 each





Ordering searches online


Due to the implementation of TLC (Total Land Charges), a new service which will bring St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Forest Heath District Council's Local Land Charges services together, our current online service is being withdrawn from 3pm 1 July 2014.


From Monday 21 July 2014, a new online Public Access service will be available and further details will be posted on our website closer to this date. We will continue to accept postal searches between these dates, but please note there will be a delay in processing this type of application. The changes will also affect the processing of NLIS searches.


We apologise for any inconvenience this will cause.


For further information please contact Local Land Charges on 01284757445 or 446. 


A local land charges search is undertaken as part of the conveyancing process when a property or a parcel of land is being purchased, leased valued or remortgaged.
The reason for the search is to find out about any restriction or legal obligations against the search site.
A standard local authority search comprises of two elements – LLC1 and Con29R forms; these forms can also be submitted separately and the fees are shown below.

LLC1 Certificate - Form LLC1 is a statutory document and reveals charges registered on the Local Land Charges Register. Local authorities have a statutory duty to maintain the Local Land Charges Register, in accordance with the Land Charges Act and Rules. 
The Local Land Charge Register can be inspected (by appointment) free of charge – please see personal search details below.
What is a Local Land Charge?

A restriction or prohibition on a particular parcel or parcels of land (with or without buildings), either to secure the payment of a sum of money, or to limit the use (in the widest sense) to which the land may be put, a charge expressly made a Local Land Charge by statute. For example:

  • conservation areas
  • improvement grants
  • listed buildings
  • planning agreements
  • tree preservation orders

Form Con29R Enquiries of Local Authority (2007) - The Con29R form is a list of questions which have been compiled by the Law Society, the Association of District Councils, the Association of Local Land Charges Officers and various other agencies in consultation.
The replies provide information, including any pending restrictions. For example:

  • development plans
  • maintenance of roads
  • outstanding notices
  • road schemes

Form Con29O Enquiries of Local Authority (2007) - The Con29O form is a list of optional questions which have been compiled by the Law Society, the Association of District Councils, the Association of Local Land Charges Officers and various other agencies in consultation.
Additional enquiries
These are enquiries that are not covered by the Con29 forms.

  • a standard search (LLC1 and Con 29R submitted together)  £100
  • LLC1 certificate of search submitted separately: £25
  • Con29R submitted separately:  £75
  • each Con29O - questions 5 and 22:  £15
  • each Con29O - questions 4, 6 - 21: £10.50
  • each additional enquiry: £16.50
  • each additional parcel of land (standard search): £13
  • each additional parcel of land: £3 for LLC1, £10 for Con29R
  • fees for individual

Con29R Individual questions 2, 3.2, 3.4., 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 (e) and 3.11, Con29O individual questions 5 and 22 should be obtained direct from Suffolk County Council  -  Phone: 01473 264189/90 Email:

This authority does not use the DX service
Personal Search information

To book an appointment

Please email your request to view the Local Land Charges Register (along with appropriate site plan) to please note that 48 hours notice is required. The search will be unable to proceed unless we receive a location plan clearly identifying the property upon which a search is to be carried out.
Three searches may be undertaken at any one visit (six if a two hour appointment is available).

On arrival for appointment

On arrival at West Suffolk House, please go to reception and inform reception staff you have arrived for your personal search appointment; you will then be given the appropriate information to enable the Local Land Charges Register to be viewed.

Financial Statement 2010/11 (PDF 56Kb)

(Financial statement for 2011-12 is to be announced.)
Drainage questions and water searches

Water searches for Suffolk are dealt with by Geodesys Limited (on behalf of Anglian Water).

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Contact information
Local Land Charges
Phone: 01284 757445/6
Fax: 01284 757215
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