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Planning and building control
Online planning applications and making comments

Before searching for a planning application read the guidance below. You must also read and agree to the terms and conditions before visiting the online planning applications pages. 
Read terms and conditions Agree / Reject

How to search for a planning application and related documentation online

The easiest way to search for a specific planning application is by filling in the Application Reference, using the Simple Search. Type the full application number in the format SE/YY/NNNN (you don't need to type in the suffix letters). This number is in the heading of all neighbour notification letters and on the planning site notice. It is also possible to use the simple search by typing part of the address.

Use the Advanced Search if you do not know the application number and are uncertain of the address. You can enter a combination of a variety of criteria. If there are more than 1000 matching applications you will get a message saying that there have been too many results found and you will need to refine your search criteria. For example, if you put the parish of Haverhill as the only criteria there will be more than 1000 results, but if you also put a street name in the Description Keyword results will be returned.

If you know part of the address or proposal description you can use the % sign in the Description Keyword both at the start and end of the part address, for example: %high street%. However it is recommended that you always try to limit the search by entering a date range otherwise you could receive many returns over many years of submitted applications.

If you have any difficulty with this function please phone the Planning helpdesk on 01284 757675.

Making a comment or object to a planning application online

When you have selected the relevant planning application you can make comments about the application by clicking on the Comments tab, but you must register by completing and submitting the user form and you will be provided with a login.

Comments must be received within 21 days of publication of the application.

Any comments made are public and will be published on the website as well as held on the public file which can be viewed at our office. Any anonymous comments will also be published but these will be given little weight when considering the proposal. Comments of a personal nature are irrelevant to the determination of a planning application.

The council reserves the right not to publish or take into account any representations which are openly offensive or defamatory.

Keep comments to the planning merits or concerns about the development, such as:

  • effect on the surrounding area;
  • highway safety;
  • historic environment;
  • residential amenity in terms of noise, smell, loss of light and overlooking;
  • the design of the proposed development, eg what it will be like to look at, but not the loss of view;
  • the effect of the proposal upon the enjoyment of your home or garden and
  • trees.

Some matters are not seen as planning considerations and should be avoided when making comments on an application. This applies across the country following consideration in the courts. It is not a St Edmundsbury Borough Council stipulation. Examples include:

  • effect on property value
  • loss of a private view
  • loss of acquired rights to light
  • private covenant or private interests
  • suspicion about future intentions
  • the personal circumstances of the applicant

If you have any difficulty with the online planning system please phone the Planning helpdesk on 01284 757675.

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